We work for community development through facilitating the cooperative business model. 

Sustainable business – together

Starting a business gives you the opportunity to realise an idea, solve a problem or create new jobs. We think starting a business is fun. Working together and doing something worthwhile. Coompanion  offers information, advice and training in how to start  a business free of charge.

Contact an adviser at a Coompanion near by. Coompanion’s corporate advisers are experts in cooperative entrepreneurship. We are based in 25 different locations nationwide. Our aim is sustainable development by businesses that are conscious, empowering, inclusive and fun. We do this by providing  information, advice and training, based on individual requirements.

Economic association – made for cooperation

Cooperative companies can be run under a variety of different corporate structures. A cooperative economic association is often ideal, because the relevant legislation is designed to handle a democratic approach to ownership. All joint owners/members of the association have a vote and they decide jointly on how to allocate a surplus. A cooperative economic association (in common with a limited company) is a legal entity. It must comprise at least three people or companies and the members must decide jointly on the size of the start-up capital.