Easy business for newcomers september 26

Are you new in Sweden or born abroad and have a good business idea? Do you think it’s difficult to handle the financial administration that a company requires? Course starts september 26, 2019.

We can help you test business ideas as an independant contractor by using an umbrella company as a platform in your development. This means that you can run your own company without formally starting a business.

Easy Business with an umbrella company is a three-month knowledge program where you, together with business developers and other participants, can develop your business idea and invoice customers faster. You will gain increased knowledge of entrepreneurship, labor market and business based on a Swedish context.

You also gain knowledge of business economics, marketing, sales and networking. In addition to this, you will learn how umbrella companies works.

-Who are you and what is your business idea?
-Umbrella companies, how it works.
-Swedish society and the tax system.
-Who is your customer? And how do you sell? To set a price.
-Marketing Strategies.
-What is a network? Who do you need in your network?
-Important when doing business in Sweden.
-Obstacles on the way to your goals?
-Financing and other support for entrepreneurs.
-Consultation with advisors.
-Activities to widen your network.

Applicants that are newly arrived in sweden, with a business background and have a business idea. If you have no business background but have a strong interest and a good business idea you are welcome to apply.

-Participate actively in the various parts of the program.
-Contribute to shared learning and share your experiences, challenges and goals.
-High level of engagement.
-Use the consultation offered by the program.
-Work actively towards the goals you set.
-To have fun!

Course information
Start date: september 26, 2019
Slutdatum: november 14, 2019
Number of meetings: 7 (detailed schedule after confirmation)
Time: 09.00-12.30 (every time we meet)
Language: Swedish and english

APPLY TO EASY BUSINESS HERE >>. (We will contact you for a short interview after your application to make sure that you will benefit from the coarse)

Do you have questions? contact Åsa Ohlsson on 0733-63 86 23, asa.ohlsson@coompanion.se

The project is run by Coompanion Skåne together with the co-operative umbrella company Convoy. The purpose is to make it easier for new arrivals who have a good business idea to get started quickly with the help of umbrella company services. The program is run as a project funded by the Swedish Agency for Growth, Malmö City, Region Skåne, Convoy and Coompanion Skåne. The coarse is held in a central location in Malmö.

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