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Startup Growth Hacking with Desifer

Get the best tips for growing your startup – join us in this webinar!

What is most important for startups besides having the right team in place & getting to product market fit? Answer: Growth! Working in a smart way with growth can actually be applied to finding the right team members and getting in front of the right audience to prove product market fit. So even if you are early in your startup journey you should understand growth and get started with it. Failing to think of how you will grow your product could be the reason why you need to rebuild it, pivot or close down the company.

Join us on this growth hacking session with Kalle Söderman, Innovation & Growth Consultant at Desifer & Founder of Ingmar (recipes with your ingredients).

Growth or Growth hacking is not just finding smart ways to get visitors to your site, it is a rapid experimentation process to faster get answers to all of the below questions and we will briefly cover all in this session:

  • How can we learn more about our future customers?
  • How can we reach more of them?
  • How can we get more people to be interested?
  • How can we get more people to buy?
  • How can we get more people to become returning customers?
  • How can we get more customers to buy more?
  • How can we get more people to refer us to a friend?
  • How can we enhance our product or service around what actually leads to growth?


11 jun 2021


10:00 - 11:00

Lokal tid

  • Tidszon: America/New_York
  • Datum: 11 jun 2021
  • Tid 04:00 - 05:00

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Coompanion Stockholm
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