People arriving at the hospital by medical transport, taxi, train, or bus needed help finding the right hospital department. Although taxi drivers and others tried to help, this wasn’t part of their role and they didn’t know where all the different departments were located. Nurses and auxiliaries were often too busy to help escort patients. Thanks to Entrévärdarna, these people can now focus on their work.

By agreement between Entrévärdarna and the public transport provider Länstrafiken i Norrbotten a fixed amount is paid for each escort made between medical transport and the hospital departments. Thanks to Entrévärdarna, people get to their appointments on time and the medical transport companies save huge amounts of time.

The business concept was hatched during the training programme thanks to close co-operation with the Handikapprörelsen organisation for the disabled. They knew that visitors needed help finding their way at the hospital. Contact was made shortly thereafter and negotiations began between Region Norrbotten and Länstrafiken. In October 2007 the social co-operative Entrévärd 0710 got underway. It is now located in the taxi waiting area at Sunderby Hospital.

Read more about Entrévärdarna on their webpage! (In Swedish)

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