The organisation takes on contract work from various companies. Its primary product is hearing protection, which is completed and delivered straight to the customer, Sordinvikmanshyttan AB. Koopus undertakes contract work for industrial companies, from subassembly through to complete assembly including final inspection. Koopus currently employs 23 people, with a further 30 involved in job training, internships, work ability assessments, and language training.

Sordinvikmanshyttan saw the potential of being able to buy quality, affordable services from Koopus, which had a double benefit, as the company was able to buy from an organisation whose venture also had social objectives.

The Koopus economic association was founded in Hedemora by way of a private
initiative in May 2014.

The purpose from the start has been to create jobs in a safe and adapted environment for those who are or are at risk of being excluded. All forms of disability are welcome in the organisation and no one with special needs is excluded.

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