Adapted and place-based support for rural cooperatives, entrepreneurs and leaders. Added value by trans-national collaboration and knowledge exchange.
Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Scotland are partners in the bridging project.
Academics, Social entrepreneurs, incubators in collaboration. 

BERSE Business Models Empowering Rural Social Entrepreneurship.
Find information about the bridging project here: EMS 473. )


Trans-national knowledge and learning as leverage for stronger support systems and viable social enterprises.


€1,5-2 million

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Raise awareness about:
– Business models adapted for social enterprises in rural areas,
– The importance of social enterprises in remote rural areas,
– The impact of these enterprises social activities and services provide in local communities
– Methods and models aiming to support social entrepreneurship IRL and digitally.

Activities in project
Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange
– Cross-boarder and trans-national learning between project partners and between end-users, both sectorial networks and mixed groups,
– Local support and facilitation for partners and end-users
– Academic research and transformative knowledge creation

Target Groups
– Policymakers (public sector),
– Business advisors and support organisations (private and public),
– Active and start-up social enterprises – focus on underrepresented groups (end-users),
– Purpose driven enterprises aiming for social responsiveness (end-users),
– Local leaders in rural and remote areas (end-users)
– Educational institutions (public and private)

We are looking for partners for the second call (NPA 2021-2027)
– Organisations that support social enterprises in NPA remote rural areas and
University research exchange from: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland or Ireland.

Strengthening the innovation capacity för resilient and attractive NPA Communities
1.3: Enhancing sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs, including by productive investment.

Coompanion Mid Sweden EAST
CEO Susanne Vinderå
+4670-591 19 93

Coompanion Mid Sweden WEST
CEO Pelle Persson
+4670-210 15 80

Mid Sweden University
Professor Yvonne von Friedrichs
+4670-588 54 10

Partners in BERSE: Mid Sweden University, Östersund Municipality, Härnösand Municipality,
KBT erfaring Trondheim, Norway, Udaras Na Gaeltachta, Irland, Coompanion Mid Sweden (Jämtland/Härjedalen and Västernorrland regions), Social enterprise Academy

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