One of Luleå municipality’s care homes needed to find a contractor for its laundry. At the same time, politicians tasked the municipality’s officials with targeting procurement at social enterprises working with labour market integration in order to reduce exclusion and lower the cost of financial support. The
laundry procurement was therefore tendered solely to social enterprises, which was ultimately won by FourM.

FourM signed a two-year agreement with the municipality of Luleå. Thanks to the partnership. Thanks to the partnership, FourM has been able to take on four full-time employees and offer a language training internship. One of the success factors is that politicians have tasked municipal officials with targeting procurement at social enterprises. The municipality sees huge value in buying services from social enterprises.

The social objectives of the enterprise are to create work for people who are on long-term sick leave, struggle with the Swedish language, or have a disability that makes it difficult for them to access the labour market.

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